Dog Shedding

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Dog Shedding
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Dog Shedding

Track your dog or pet in real-time with a GPS Tracker


          When spring comes, all of us who own pets are faced with the problem of shedding, clumps of hair sticking to the couch, the bed, and the carpet, the car seats, and the sometimes unpleasant (for your pet) task of brushing all of that excess fur, hair, and undercoat from your pet in an attempt to "get it" before it (naturally) gets onto all the places you don't want it to get to.

         For all its trouble (for you), pet grooming makes your dog or cat more comfortable as the warm weather arrives, and is best done when the pet's coat just dries after a nice bath. This maximizes the "yield" of hair and fur when brushing, and makes the hair much easier to clean up.

          To make your job easier, and to make the experience of grooming more pleasant for your pet, using the right tool is very important. Over the years, I have found the best tool to use for dog grooming, and after you use the FURminator (see below), you'll throw all of those wire bristle brushes, the mittens with the rubber nubs, and all of those other "pet hair brush" inventions in the trash.

          The week after the Pennsylvania ground hog predicted an early spring (2013), I brushed my dog Ninja with my 4-inch FURminator. I swear that after 10 minutes of gentle brushing (which she enjoyed), I took enough fur off of her to make another dog. The FURminator really does an efficient job of getting all of the loose fur and undercoat (Black Labs have very little, if any undercoat).

          Now.... once you have a 10 pound ball of fur in a paper bag, what do YOU do with it? Most people throw it in the trash. My father taught me what to do with all of that fur, and when you read this, it will make perfect sense. Ready for this?

          I put the fur out into the yard for the birds. As spring comes, birds are searching for nesting material to build their nests. In the Lord's infinite wisdom, the nature He created wastes nothing; everything gets recycled. In "the wild", birds will pick up whatever is "warm and fuzzy" (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) to line their nests for the coming little birdies. Dog or cat fur is ideal bedding material, and it shouldn't go to waste buried in a landfill when birds have a use for it.

          If your pet hair is dark-colored, throw it out on a light surface such as a sidewalk. If it is light-colored, throw the clump of hair onto a bare patch of dirt or blacktop. You could even use it as "spring tinsel" by draping it over a hedge or bush. The idea is to make it easy for birds to find it.

          When birds find nesting material easy to find, they naturally gravitate to the area, just as they will come to a hanging bird feeder full of "bird seed". Your discarded pet hair provides a valuable resource that birds are looking for in the spring, and you will discover that you have many more birds nesting in your area as a result.

          When you have many birds, there will be pleasant birdsong all day long. As a consequence of increased local bird population, you encourage the growth of wild plant life, as birds eat seeds, and pass them in their droppings (this is nature's "fertilizer"). More plants means more wildlife of every kind, and a more "natural" environment to live in (for you). After a few years of doing this, you may notice wildflowers growing where you least expect them (or where they've never grown before). Your tomato and squash garden will benefit as pollinating bees are attracted to flowers and the new plant growth.

FURminator for dogs

FURminator Large Yellow deShedding Tool with 4-Inch Edge
FURminator Dog deShedding Tool Large Short Hair
FURminator deShed Tool Dog Lrg/Yellow Long Hair

FURminator for cats

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Large Cats
FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats, 1.75-Inch Edge



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