False Memory

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False Memory
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False Memory Syndrome

Above The LawACS AbuseGPS AlbatrossMegan's LawMegan's Law StudyMegan's Law FailsScarlet Letter

     The following videos illustrate the fallibility of human memory Even "memories" that are "fresh in our mind" are subject to involuntary embellishment by our own cognitive processes. A FALSE memory; and even a false memory that has been purposely implanted can seem as real as if it really happened, and it can be experienced and articulated as if it really happened. Children are particularly suggestible but intelligent adults can also be "brainwashed" into believing, and in fact experiencing and re-living something that is in its entirety, completely false and completely fabricated. These videos would be great tools for a defense attorney to use in court, to defend a client who is confronted with "eyewitness testimony", or the testimony or statement of a child who falsely claims to have been sexually abused particularly if there is a lack of medical evidence indicative of the alleged abuse.

You think that you remember things like a Video Camera does. Get a pencil & paper handy and try this simple experiment. You'll be amazed!
Here is another quick little experiment for you to try.

The video to the left is a crime simulation. You hear a noise and go to the door. You see someone on the ground, and someone running away. You get a glimpse of the face of the person who is running away. In real life, you don't get an "instant replay"
so watch carefully, and watch the video to the left ONLY ONCE.

Now click the link below to go to a "line-up". Remember... it was LESS THAN A MINUTE AGO that you saw what happened, so the face should be "fresh in your mind". See if you can pick the person out of the line-up:


False memories Lost in a shopping mall - Elizabeth Loftus

Boy was NEVER lost in a shopping mall, but remembers the event in VIVID DETAIL when a story is suggested to him in this experiment.

Memory expert Elizabeth Loftus shows Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes how memories can be manipulated.
UCI Distinguished Professor Elizabeth Loftus is a pioneer in false memory research, and has proven that memory is highly susceptible to distortion and suggestion. Loftus has examined numerous claims of repressed memory in court that have turned out to be dubious or false. Video by Kerrin Piche Serna, University Communications.


How difficult is it to manufacture someone else's memory? Psychology professor Elizabeth Loftus says it's a whole lot easier than you might think.

Experiment has children construct stories about meeting Bugs Bunny at Disney Land.... but there is one problem; Bugs Bunny is a Warner Brothers character and Disney Land doesn't have any "Bugs Bunnies" running around. If you didn't know that, the children's stories about meeting the Wascally Wabbit there, would be thoroughly convincing.

Eyewitness Testimony convicts innocent people that DNA evidence later exonerated.
75% of false convictions due to FALSE MEMORY of eyewitnesses. Rape victim pulls innocent man out of line-up. The legal system can't differentiate between the truth, and someone an eyewitness who is genuinely mistaken. A reinforcement by police has been proven to alter a witness' memory.
When Ronald Cotton was in prison for a rape he didn't commit, he met the real rapist and decided to kill him, but didn't.
"Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption"

A man falsely accused and imprisoned for rape on the strength of victim's testimony, goes free on DNA evidence, and befriends and forgives his accuser.
Most of us lie on a fairly regular basis, and on some level it may not be a bad thing. Paul Root Wolpe asks do we want to eliminate lies, even those that may be necessary?

A staged purse snatching in a Brooklyn Law School Classroom demonstrates the fallibility of eyewitness testimony. Discovery Channel: "When Eyes Deceive".

A casual comment by the Professor / Victim about the perpetrator's nose is unconsciously (mentally) processed by one of the witnesses who said that there was something wrong with the perpetrator's nose. The witness did not even remember the Professor making that comment.

Loftus and Palmer's (1974) study of how language used in a question influenced the narrative of subjects who were shown films of a car crash. This proves that the way a question is asked will influence the answer, and leaves the debate for "leading questions" such as are asked by Social workers to children in schools about physical and sexual abuse wide open.

Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus discusses studying the power of suggestion, including implanting false memories in test subjects. After three suggestive interviews, Loftus found she was able to convince subjects they had been lost in a shopping mall as a small child.

10 volunteers taking part a TV documentary about memory were filmed doing experiments in a TV studio. But how do they cope when they're having lunch at a local pub, they think the cameras have stopped rolling and a fight breaks out in front of them? Will they make good eyewitnesses? Would you?

After the stabbing the police interviewed our volunteers (now eyewitnesses) to discover as much as they could about the crime. The Greater Manchester Police treated this scenario as they would a real crime. How helpful will our eyewitnesses be?

Never forget a face? Eyewitnesses to crimes routinely have to remember faces that they've only seen for a few seconds. How well would you do?





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