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False Memory
GPS Albatross
Megan's Law Fails
Megan's Law Study
Questioning Children
Recidivism Myths
Scarlet Letter

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Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

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GPS Albatross

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          GPS-tracking of so-called "sex-offenders" is the first step in the Orwellian-style monitoring of EVERY CITIZEN, and when you read the information provided below and follow the hyperlinks to independent sources, and realize that every cellular phone manufactured after the year 2000 is GPS-equipped, you will know the extent of the "deep shit" this country (USA) is in today, and just how close YOU are from surreptitious monitoring by your local Gestapo. If Adolph Hitler had this technology, we would all be singing "Edelweiss" right now. Don't think for a moment that this technology was developed for the protection of the public against "predators" - for  in reality, these are very few and extremely far-between. No, this technology was developed with the excuse and under the pretense of protecting YOU from criminals, just as the war in the Middle East was predicated upon the 9-11 attacks which were a false-flag operation of our own government to rally support of US citizens for the war, as was the case with the non-existent Weapons of Mass-Destruction, the Gulf of Tonkin incident (which NEVER HAPPENED) that started the Vietnam War, the JFK Assassination (which was a conspiracy), Operation Northwoods, and The Plot to Seize The White House in the 1930s, among a litany of others nobody has ever heard about.


          The TRUTH is that Recidivism rates among released "sex-offenders" is the LOWEST among any other type of crime... possibly because these so-called "sex-offenders" are actually innocent of the crimes they've been convicted of (or pled guilty to) as illustrated by the hundreds of "sex-offenders" released after DNA evidence exonerated them.


          The TRUTH is that the public is being SCARED into supporting Megan's Law which is WORSE than useless according to a peer-reviewed study.


          At the end of this article, I reveal how this tracking technology - along with some self-imposed tracking via your smart-phone, can thwart the efforts of corrupt cops or other witch-hunting, crusading bastards to accuse you of crimes you did not commit.


GPS Tracker ankle shackle

The "Albatross"*


A Typical GPS Tracker is a small black plastic box about 3/4 the size of a pack of cigarettes. The unit is fixed to the ankle by a plastic strap which is easily cut off in case of emergency with a standard pair of scissors, or with a pocket knife.


This unit contains a GPS receiver powered by a battery which will last about a year.


The unit sends location data to what I call an "Albatross" - a 1980s era type Nextel Cell phone (see photos below) which has to be kept within Bluetooth range of the GPS anklet.



* The word 'albatross' is used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse. Click the link to read the Wikipedia article.

GPS Tracker reciver / re-transmitter - front view

The "Albatross" is a Nextel Cell phone which is specially modified for Exacutrack. The unit shown here is Model # EX-540 You can get the (PDF) brochure (click here).

GPS Tracker reciver / re-transmitter - rear view

All of the number keys are covered by an ABS plastic cover which adds bulk and weight to the already cumbersome piece of shit that has to be lugged around by the person being tracked. There is no belt clip on this phone.

GPS Tracker reciver / re-transmitter - in ballistic nylon case

The Albatross is supplied with a ballistic nylon case with both a metal belt clip and a nylon (snap-type) belt clip - not that anyone wants this turd hanging from their belt.

GPS Tracker reciver / re-transmitter - rear view of belt clip attachments

Metal belt clip (top, left) Nylon belt loop clip (top, right) Albatross nylon case rear view (bottom). 10-year old technology.

FREE / Low Cost Alternatives

GPS Tracking - Life 360 - Installed on Motorola Atrix - Showing location map and icons

The iPhone / Droid Marketplace has a No-Cost alternative to the GPS Albatross. It is a FREE App called "Life 360". On the map shown in the photo to the left, registered "sex offenders" are shown on the map as the tan-colored markers (the user can choose NOT to display these markers).


Law enforcement can save themselves the expense of all of this cumbersome GPS tracking equipment by using this FREE Application. Life 360 has an option to REQUEST that a "family member" check in. When this option is selected, an SMS or TXT message is sent requesting that the person "sign in". A call to the monitored person would verify that he / she is in possession of the phone being located, and the location of that person is shown instantly on the map with +/- 20 foot accuracy.


Since modern smart phones are ubiquitous, the person being monitored probably already owns one. In addition, the GPS locators on these modern phones is much more accurate and reliable than the GPS Albatross, and also incorporate alternative location technology such as using the IP address of WiFi routers (their IP address can be obtained even if the WiFi is secured with a password) which the Albatross is incapable of.


Yes, there is no ankle shackle associated with this method, but this should not be necessary since a phone call to the monitored phone could establish if the person being tracked is actually in possession of the phone. In addition, all phones that are GPS-capable (all phones manufactured after the year 2000 are GPS-equipped) have the ability to store tracking information at pre-set intervals.


The phone shown in the photo is a Motorola Atrix on the AT&T network, but the application will work on any iPhone or Droid phone on any provider network.


Another possibility is to use a modified form of a Tagg™ Pet Tracker. If people are going to be tracked like pets or farm animals, we might as well save the taxpayers some money. This device is certainly less expensive, and much smaller than the "GPS Albatross" now being used (see above), and the cost of the "service" to track the device is less than $10 per month. See my review of this device.

GPS Tracking - Life 360 - Installed on Motorola Atrix - showing author's location history for past two months

A great feature of the Life 360 app is that it can store a "track record" of where you've been, and keep this data in the record for MONTHS.

One good thing about GPS tracking - if you do it yourself - is that you will have an air-tight alibi if you are ever falsely accused of a crime by a witness who has been brainwashed by the police into picking your sorry ass out of a line-up, or from an old mug-shot.

While self-GPS tracking may not, on the surface seem to be as "air-tight" an alibi as an Albatross (above), you could correlate this record of the phone's whereabouts with the record of your incoming and outgoing calls, to be able to call witnesses who will testify that they spoke with you on this phone at the date and time in question, thereby establishing that the phone was indeed in your physical possession when the GPS record was made, and that you were nowhere near "The Abandoned Farmhouse" where the alleged crime occurred, or that said "farmhouse" does not, in fact exist (establishing what the law calls a lack of "subject-matter jurisdiction" and / or proving that the witness was coached. This would be absolutely "bullet-proof" if your incoming / outgoing call record matches the call record on the witness' phone.

I trust that this article has illustrated that there will always be methods of defeating the Techno-Nazi dictatorship by using the technology they are attempting to use against us - against them.


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