Megan's Law Fails

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False Memory
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Megan's Law Fails
Megan's Law Study
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Megan’s Law Failure

Report finds Megan's Law fails to reduce sex crimes, deter repeat offenders in N.J.

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Published: Saturday, February 07, 2009, 6:50 AM Updated: Saturday, February 07, 2009, 7:16 AM

By Susan K. Livio/Statehouse Bureau

The Star-Ledger


Megan's Law, the landmark legislation that brought a new level of scrutiny to convicted sex offenders, has failed to deter sex crimes or reduce the number of victims since its passage 15 years ago, a new study concludes.


The federally funded study, conducted by the state Department of Corrections and Rutgers University and focused solely on New Jersey, suggests the growing cost of carrying out the law – estimated at $5.1 million statewide in 2007 – “may not be justifiable.”


Daniel Hulshizer / AP

Megan Kanka is reflected in a photograph of her daughter,
Megan, at her home in Hamilton Township. Photo 2004


“Despite wide community support for these laws, there is little evidence to date, including this study, to support a claim that Megan's Law is effective in reducing either new first-time sex offenses or sexual re-offenses,” the researchers wrote in a 44-page report.


The study is the latest in a string of efforts to measure the effectiveness of Megan's Law, which has been adopted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Those earlier studies also found the measure does not act as a deterrent.


Defense lawyers and civil libertarians, who have long opposed the law and who have fought in court to overturn it, seized on Friday's findings, calling on lawmakers to dismantle what has grown into an elaborate system for tracking sex offenders and notifying communities of their presence.


Megan's Law supporters pushed right back, calling the measure a vital tool for parents to protect their children.


State Sen. Bill Baroni (R-Mercer), said the study “completely misses the objective” of the law.

“Any attempt to use this study to weaken or erode Megan's Law will never succeed,” he said.

The law is named for Megan Kanka, who was 7 years old when a neighbor lured her into his Hamilton Township home on July 29, 1994, raped and killed her. Residents of the block were unaware the neighbor, Jesse Timmendequas, was a convicted sex offender. Timmendequas is now serving life in prison.


In an atmosphere of statewide outrage, Megan's Law was passed by year's end. It requires convicted sex offenders to register with police after their release from prison and to notify authorities if they move. In cases where an offender is deemed most dangerous, the entire community is notified.


By 2002, the names of sex offenders also had been entered in a searchable on-line registry operated by the State Police.


Megan's mother, Maureen Kanka, who pushed for the law's passage in New Jersey and other states, said in a telephone interview Friday that Megan's Law was working just as intended.


“The purpose of the law was to provide an awareness to parents,” said Kanka, who still lives in Hamilton. “It was put there for parents to know where the offenders are living. It's doing what it was supposed to do. We never said it was going to stop them from reoffending or wandering to another town.”


She said she was confident the law would not be repealed, and she dismissed the cost of carrying out the measure as “pennies” when placed in context with the billions of dollars the state spends every year.


“The law provides a service to the public,” she said. “I am not concerned it will be taken away.”


The study, funded by the National Institute of Justice, examined the cases of 550 sex offenders who were broken into two groups – those released from prison before the passage of Megan's Law and those released afterward.


The researchers found no statistically significant difference between the groups in whether the offenders committed new sex crimes.


Among those released before the passage of Megan's Law, 10 percent were re-arrested on sex-crime charges. Among the other group, 7.6 percent were re-arrested for such crimes.


Similarly, the researchers found no significant difference in the number of victims of the two groups. Together, the offenders had 796 victims, ages 1 to 87. Most of the offenders had prior relationships with their new victims, and nearly half were family members. In just 16 percent of the cases, the offender was a stranger.


One complicating factor for the researchers is that sex crimes had started to decline even before the adoption of Megan's Law, making it difficult to pinpoint cause and effect. In addition, sex offenses vary from county to county, rising and falling from year to year.


Even so, the researchers noted an “accelerated” decline in sex offenses in the years after the law's passage.

“Although the initial decline cannot be attributed to Megan's Law, the continued decline may, in fact, be related in some way to registration and notification activities,” the authors wrote. Elsewhere in the report, they noted that notification and increased surveillance of offenders “may have a general deterrent effect.”

Whatever the report's caveats, those who oppose Megan's Law said the findings reinforce their beliefs that the measure fails to improve public safety even as it violates the rights of people who have served their time in prison.


“We now find that for the past 15 years we have left the public with a false sense of security,” said Michael Buncher, who heads the Special Hearings Unit in the state Public Defender's Office. “Unfortunately, it appears that Megan's Law does not work. It's time to rethink the solution.”


Deborah Jacobs, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, called such laws “political Band-Aids that don't stay on.”


“It's long overdue for the New Jersey Legislature to let go of what they consider the political value of 'tough on sex offenders first' and start focusing on helping the victims,” she said.


Staff writer Mark Mueller contributed to this report.


Comments on this Article
by The Webmaster

It is easy to understand that people naturally want to protect themselves or their children from sexual predators – or criminals of any sort, for that matter. However, up to 90% of so-called “sex offenders” have not committed the crime they were accused or convicted of. The justice system flips the burden of proof onto the defendant, and all sorts of ILLEGAL tactics such as false arrests, coaching of witnesses, falsifying documents, perjury by the police (they call it “testi-lying”) is used to railroad law-abiding people into prison to feed the “child abuse industry” which provides jobs for these people – including the shrinks and the social workers – at TAXPAYER EXPENSE. Megan's Law adds insult to injury and probably makes the problem WORSE.


If you REALLY want to protect your family from “sexual predators” then work to rid your neighborhood of drug dealers, and lobby for keeping recidivist DRUG DEALERS in prison for life. The dealing of hard drugs ROUTINELY brings with it a flurry of customers who cannot afford to pay for their habit with MONEY, and the dealer most often then, happily accept payment IN “TRADE” – if you get my drift. THOSE sex crimes – along with the crime of peddling drugs to a minor – are almost NEVER reported by the victims, because the victims – one of which may be your teenage son or daughter, are DRUG ADDICTS.


There is a cellular phone app called “life 360” ( )[1] which enables you to keep track of your family members using GPS. The app is free, and it will show all of the sex-offender registrants on a map in your area. You will be surprised to find many more around you than you might imagine – Contrary to what the media may tell you, over 90% of so-called “sex offenders” have been falsely accused and RAILROADED. The legal and psychological aspects of this subject are mind-boggling, but the bottom line is that both the media and law enforcement want to keep the public SCARED, because with that FEAR they can extract more money in taxes while giving you a false sense of security, making you believe that they have all the “boogeymen” under control. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Has your child's photo been taken in school? Well, if that makes you feel safe, consider this – THOUSANDS of children in the US simply DISAPPEAR from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again. One notable case in the 1970s was the case of Etan Patz, who vanished from New York City City on May 25, 1979 without a trace. The case was never solved, and the boy was declared “legally” dead in 2004. It is entirely possible that your child's photo (which is stored digitally) may find its way into a human trafficker's “catalog” of sorts – and there is at least one case where such a thing was discovered – and it involved a judge, and Child Protective Service workers who received a “bounty” for each child that was abducted. This story is documented in several Alex Jones videos on: – just scroll down the page a bit.


I can imagine nothing worse than to have your child just disappear. Since CPS / ACS workers are immune from prosecution, they can make false allegations against you, then without any evidence whatsoever, take your child away from you and put your child in “foster care” where the likelihood of both physical and sexual abuse is next to a certainty. THAT is the nightmare you should exercise due diligence to protect yourself against. 


The actual statistics for Sex-offender recidivism (from a recent study) is a fraction of what the media and the politicians would have you believe. You can access this information, follow links to related articles and further research on: 


The number of false convictions of “sex offenders” is upwards of 90%. The “recidivism rate” for those who are actually guilty is about 3% (three percent). The REAL perverts cannot be deterred by the law, and they will freely admit their crime to police or a therapist[2] – why? Because they genuinely believe that there is nothing wrong with rape or child molestation.


The current psychiatric nosology is that if an offender admits the crime he did (or is accused of doing), he or she is “on the road to recovery”. This may be counter-intuitive, but I submit to you that precisely the opposite is true. Drug dealers ROUTINELY rape their young customers and BRAG about it to their friends. Their victims – usually teenage girls who are using the drugs without their parents noticing – will NEVER report the abuse for fear of being discovered as drug users by their parents.


A POINT HERE.... if you find that your child is using hard drugs and his or her allowance or other means of income would not support such a habit, I am loathe to tell you that the “cost” of that habit may well have been his or her innocence.


As an “aside” here – the prison system is CORRUPT. You want to see CRIMINALS? Just get on the wrong side of the bars one day... you will see some of the sickest bastards you ever imagined! They get to run around free with the keys to the cells.


In 2001, a group of inmates at the Medium Security prison, Groveland Correctional Facility, SONYEA, NY uncovered a scam that (allegedly) bilked the Veteran's Administration out of an estimated 1.3 Billion dollars[3]. The Veteran's Affairs Inspector General investigated on the insistence of Congressman Bernie Sanders[4] (Vt.) and fired the people involved, then attempted to cover it up so that the inmates couldn't sue for psychiatric and medical malpractice. The DVA IG report hoists the DVA Inspector General on his own petard with flagrant contradictions in the report that I point out in my analysis. Read the DVA IG report and an analysis on:


In that same facility (Groveland), the Veterans Residential Therapeutic Program (VRTP) then overseen by counselors Mr. Frank Recchio and Abigail Kolomic, was funded with Federal money[5]. In order to keep the program filled with occupants and the Federal funds coming, the counselors outfitted the open dorms with two commercial kitchen stoves complete with ovens, refrigerators, and T-Fal™ cookware. The VRTP participants were cooking deep-dish pizza and other gourmet ethnic foods.


VRTP’s civilian counselors influenced the Parole Board to deny parole to all VRTP participants. This was ascertained statistically over the course of several years by inmates in the VRTP program who kept track of who was paroled and who was rejected for release for crimes of similar nature.


The Parole Board’s ability to arbitrarily and capriciously deny parole to eligible inmates, and the staff’s propensity to cite “troublemaker” inmates (who asked too many questions that were hard to answer without upsetting their “apple cart”) with disciplinary infractions, kept the VRTP program running until the final days of the year 2000. 


This writer exposed the VRTP scam with an expose’ written in early November, and published November 2000 in the newsletter “Justicia” by the Judicial Process Commission in Rochester, New York. The title of the article was Veterans Exploited in New York Prisons at Taxpayer Expense. Several inmates had subscriptions to that newsletter, and the snitches in the program showed it to the staff, who quickly moved to get all the inmates involved with the article – either by contributing to it or agreeing with it – transferred to other prison facilities.


In 2006, Psychiatrists in New York City were caught RED HANDED by several confidential informants working for the NY State Attorney General's Office Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU)[6] scamming millions of dollars from the MEDICAID system for the “treatment” of sex-offenders who were out on parole and MANDATED to attend these “therapy” classes. Medicaid paid for it under the auspices of “Substance Abuse Counseling” under license from the Office for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). Read all about it on:


If you want to know the REAL low-down on RECIDIVISM in general – an analysis that doesn't include the mandatory psychobabble bullshit and irrelevant statistics requisite for admission into a courtroom, go to:


If you're curious about the various and sundry sexual aberrations inherent in the human condition, read this book (must be 18 or over)


You want to know the TRUTH about what your child is exposed to in public schools? Check THIS out: you should also download literature (in magazine format PDF) from:


If you or anyone you know have been falsely accused of a sexual crime, we need to eliminate the protection these people have from being SUED and held criminally liable for slander, libel, falsifying evidence, perjury, tampering with witnesses, obstruction of justice, alienation of affection, and generally violating the Constitutional rights of the accused[7] by stripping them of their immunity from prosecution. See the following article and click the related article links at the top of the page – and PLEASE sign the petition to end judicial and prosecutorial immunity – NOBODY should be immune from the law.  – the petition – article & links to related reading



If you or a family member are a VICTIM of domestic violence or abuse of any kind, please read the following articles and download the FREE literature.



Take Down The National Sex-Offender Registry – It is a counter-productive law and violates 8th & 14th Amendment Constitutional rights. – SIGN THE PETITION or YOU may be next!

Terminate the archaic English Feudalist Law that protects CPS workers, Police, Prosecutors and Judges
from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits when they violate a citizen's Constitutional Rights.
Provide for compensatory and punitive damages to innocent people who are railroaded by the Legal System.
Read the LEAD ARTICLE and follow links to related information.
SIGN THE PETITION before they get around to PERsecuting YOU!


[1] Life360 is a cellular phone app – it requires a smartphone (Android, Windows, iPhone, or Blackberry)

[2] The current psychiatric nosology is the opposite of this statement – they are wrong (as usual).

[3] The scam billed $40,000 per inmate per year for at least 12 inmates per year from 1988 to 2000.

[4] Congressman Sanders was the only public official who responded to letters of complaint by inmates.

[5] It was never determined if the source of the funds was a Federal grant or came from the Veteran’s Admin.

[6] Attorney General’s Office, MFCU, 120 Broadway, New York, NY

[7] These crimes are routinely committed by police and court officials in sexual abuse cases.



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