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Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




Welcome to Net4TruthUSA Ministry News                              

Web Site Changes

        This is where we'll announce the most recent major additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's radically changed, take a look here first.
The newest entries are at the top of the page. As you scroll downward, the events are history.

April 8, 2015
I got a letter from the US Department of Justice (dated April 6) responding to a complaint I filed in September 2014 on Red Carper Inn motel in Berlin NJ for refusing to rent me a room because I had a Service Dog. This is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In their letter to me, DOJ requested I enter arbitration with the Key Bridge Foundation to settle the complaint. I agreed. If I don't get satisfaction, the DOJ will turn it into a Federal Lawsuit against the motel. I also have a complaint with DOJ filed against Traveler's Lodge, Atco NJ. I am awaiting a response from DOJ on this as well. Since both complaints are backed up by videos, it would be foolish for these establishments to take their cases to trial. To learn more about filing an ADA complaint, visit

August, 2014
Dave begins negotiations to buy a house in South Jersey & begins to do home inprovement.

December 24, 2013

I had a frustrating experience at the Cherry Hill, NJ mall on Christmas Eve, when I became disoriented after walking around the mall with my dog Ninja, and couldn't find where I parked my Jeep.  Mall Security drove Ninja and me around the huge parking lot for about an hour trying to find my Jeep to no avail. Figuring it was stolen, I called the Cherry Hill Police and filed a stolen car report. The officer who responded had a K-9 in his car, and loved my dog Ninja. He drove up and down the entire parking lot and found the Jeep. When I asked him "Where did you find it? Was it in the area where I said it was?", he responded "Not even close!". {next time I park in a mall lot this big (which won't be anytime soon) I'll take my GPS with me}. The highlight of our day – as we headed home, was a steak dinner at Outback Steak House in Marlton, NJ (see a photo of us there).

September 9, 2013
I was informed by Skyhorse Publishing that the book The Plot To Seize The White House by Jules Archer is available in hardcopy. We have subsequently removed the text of this book and PDF files which were distributed free in lieu of a verifiable source for the book. We urge our visitors to please read this important book that will shock you about the America that almost emerged in 1933 when Adolph Hitler gained power.

July 1, 2013
I started a dedicated page to document the restoration of a 1997 Jeep Wrangler. You don't have to own a Jeep in order to enjoy this page, and even do some of the modifications and detail work on whatever vehicle you own. Dozens of hyperlinks take you to sources of materials, parts, tools, and supplies.

May 13, 2013
Kermit Gosnell – the baby murderer of Philadelphia – was found GUILTY today of killing several babies born alive at his abortion clinic. This case exposed the atrocity of abortion that has been kept hidden since infanticide was legalized in Roe vs. Wade, and called by the Orwellian Newspeak name, "Women's Health Care". This case gives those of us human beings who have souls, a ray of hope that the slaughter of the innocents –  that makes the Nazi Holocaust  pale in comparison – will finally be stopped.

April 27, 2013
A beautiful weather forecast prompted me to take my dog out into the New Jersey Pine Barrens on an overnight camping trip. She exhausted herself exploring, fetching huge twigs I threw out into the woods, and trying to pull pine tree roots out of the sand. She slept for 18 hours straight once we got home.

April 15, 2013
Another Terrorist attack on the United States occurred at the Boston Marathon. Hundreds of cameras – including the ubiquitous cell phone camera, helped FBI to identify the suspects and capture them within hours. The surviving Terrorist admitted that he and his older brother were motivated by their Muslim "faith". The outcome of this case should (although I doubt it will) dispel the notion in the American People's minds that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

April 9, 2013
As the weather got warmer, my dog Ninja and I took a Jeep trip through the New Jersey Pine Barrens. We splash through a mud puddle which was 4 feet deep, and got soaked in the process. We had a lot of fun. Since we will be doing lots of trekking through the wilderness this summer, I bought a GPS Tracking Device for Ninja – so I could locate her if she ever decided to chase something into the woods or wander away.

November 21, 2012
I adopted a 9 month old Lab / Australian Cattle Dog mix puppy from Two-by-Two Rescue in South Jersey. I named her "Ninja". She will be our new Web site mascot, and my new best friend.

Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011
The War in Iraq is officially ended. It should never have been started in the first place. It was started on a LIE. Those who were responsible for the lies have (to this date) never been brought before the Bar of Justice, although there had been a valiant attempt. Perhaps the reason it failed was because the criminals that were indicted are Above The Law. However, We the People can fix that.

Friday, Dec 2, 2011 – It has been a while since I updated this NEWS page, although the Web site has expanded dramatically since then. This author has been affiliated with Veterans For Constitutional Law since 2004 and in just two years, I am proud that I was able to play a pivotal role in the passage of HR 2640 Senate Bill S2804, which has helped many of our brave men and women returning from the middle-east wars to get properly compensated for their service-connected injuries and disabilities. However, I must minimize my role in comparison to the over 25-year effort of my good friend Mr. Arthur Bernklau, who has been a tireless, UNPAID VOLUNTEER and a Gadfly for Veteran's rights.

We changed our Home Page – it was getting full of graphics and took too long to load.

OUR FIGHT IS NOT OVER! – Please help our Ministry and support our efforts in the next of our "joint missions" – we intend to mount a full-scale assault on Judicial and Prosecutorial immunity – the archaic law that protects corrupt judges, prosecutors, cops, social workers, and various and sundry Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes from prosecution and civil liability when they egregiously violate a citizen's constitutional rights.

Saturday, Jan 1, 2011 – Net4TruthUSA wishes all our visitors a happy and prosperous New Year. I know that I have been remiss in updating this page (because there are very few visitors to this page), but for those who do read this page, I want to announce that we are embarking on a campaign to abolish once and forever, the doctrine of sovereign immunity – this is the "law" which is illegal under the US Constitution, that provides personal immunity from prosecution and civil tort actions filed against judges, prosecutors, police, and all sorts of other government employees for violating a citizen's Constitutional rights, and even for committing crimes against them. Read the article, read the supporting documentation, and sign the petition.

Join us in signing the petition:  to restore the Constitutional guarantee that "
All men are created equal", and to ensure that no one is above the law.  


Friday June 13, 2008 – David Todeschini was a guest on Radio Liberty discussing the book "The Plot To Seize The White House".
Download the radio program (MP3) from any of these LuLu Bookstores (free)
Radio Liberty 
Telson USA


Thursday, February 7, 2008 – Project Salute Launches – A Mobile Law Office staffed with lawyers and law students working pro bono, assisting low-income disabled veterans with their disability claims. Sponsored by The University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Learn more about Project Salute and how you can help – or be helped.


Saturday Jan 5, 2008 – Art Bernklau was a guest on Republic Radio  He discussed Gun Control and the "Veteran's Disarmament Act" HR 2640 Senate Bill S2804, and in the second hour he talks about the reprint of the banned book "The Plot To Seize The White House". Download the archived broadcast (80 minutes MP3).

Wednesday Aug 29, 2007

    Net4TruthUSA's WebPastor Dave has posted a video discussion on "Plot To Seize The White House, the war in Iraq, and RFID chips on Blog TV. We will be adding video blogs as time and opportunity permit. The list of active video blogs will be posted here.


The Borden Avenue Veteran's Residence (BAVR) – formerly run by the Salvation Army in a converted warehouse at 21-10 Borden Avenue, Long Island City for many years, after coming under the control of the NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS) has shut its doors permanently on Tuesday, August 14, 2007. See: Homeless Vets.


Rock Peters, friend and brother in Christ, is harassed at the Holiday Inn, NYC for passing out flyers with quotes from the Koran (read the story / see the flyer). Mr. Peters is suing under Title 42, USC § 1983.


Flash!!! Tuesday Jul 24, 2007 5:21:55 EDT   (read entire article)

WASHINGTON — Frustrated by delays in health care, a coalition of injured Iraq war veterans is accusing the Department of Veterans Affairs of breaking the law by denying them disability pay and mental health treatment. The class-action lawsuit, filed Monday in Federal court in San Francisco, seeks broad changes in the agency as it struggles to meet growing demands from veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.


We lend our moral support to the "Honk 2 Impeach" movement


    One of the best ideas to come along in a long time is "Honk To Impeach". Although we are neither Democrats or Republicans, we believe the current presidency (Bush & Cheny) has led this nation to disaster, and we believe that the current administration is guilty of war crimes for which they should be arrested and tried. Read more about this great idea, and when you see a sign reading "Honk To Impeach", honk your horn (or make a noise) to demonstrate your support.



eBay Company Store added to the site network


    This Web site now links to eBay PhoenixStore, and the Webmaster has created a business plan to become a major player in the eBay community. Our first few months as an eBay store owner has given us the opportunity to meet some great people, and solve some problems with clutter in an NJ warehouse. We later (December 1007) uncovered some serious flaws in eBay's seller security. We will be expanding this effort very shortly if these problems are resolved.



TelsonUSA Company Store added to the site network


    This Web site now links to the Telson Company Store, which has grown so large that it had to be made its own entity for ease of management (not that it's EASY). TelsonUSA Company Store can be reached from any page on this Web site by clicking on the TelsonUSA logo above the NAV bars to your left. Similarly, this site can be reached by clicking the Net4TruthUSA logo on the Telson Company Store site. TelsonUSA Company Store is served by – the world's biggest retailer, and – the on-demand print shop that we use to publish our unique books. The Telson Company Store is THE PLACE to do all your shopping for Christmas. The prices are low, and you are dealing with reputable companies with an excellent Internet reputation.



Net4TruthUSA is now an authorized affiliate of  

    This ministry Web site is supported entirely from sales of books – we now not only have a bookstore on, but we are also selling books and other items via the Amazon Affiliates program. Running such an extensive Web site is a full-time proposition, and the costs of equipment, software, and Web hosting adds up to tens of thousands of dollars a year. Please help support this Web site by shopping via one of our click-links to Amazon... it costs you nothing, and you get the books and other items you want. You can go to Amazon by clicking the logo on this site, or peruse the titles we have pre-selected for our audience.

Sermons and Articles now posted as Blogs

   Yes, it's true! Not only can you read everything FREE here on this web site, and get FREE PDF copies of most of what is posted here, now, you can ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE – give your opinion, state your feelings, and contribute to ongoing threaded discussions. The "top" articles are now posted as Blogs. All I ask is that you keep your comments free of foul language, racial epithets, and other distasteful remarks that are not appropriate to the topic at hand. You can get an updated list of the Blogs we have posted by clicking on the "Visit our Blogs" button at the top of the navigation bar to the left. If you would like to contribute to this monumental effort, you can visit our bookstore, or click on an "sponsored ad" that interests you on one or more of our Blog pages.


Israel retaliates for long-standing terrorism

It certainly looks like war is escalating in the Middle East. As I write this, Israeli gunships and fighter jets have bombed a power plant near Beirut for a second time. Israeli troops are now in Lebanon, routing Hezbollah from their hideouts on the border.  Yes, God said that He would make Jerusalem "a cup of trembling" – and it certainly is. Inspired by the Biblical prophesies coming true, I've written an article that outlines just some of the Biblical writings appropriate to this event. This article is also posted as a Blog on:

Net4TruthUSA is developing and hosting a new Web site

    Irreverent laughter is fine – if it is done in good taste, and has a mission or an objective that benefits the reader. God has a sense of humor, and I believe He enjoyed "Search for The Holy Grail" and "Spamalot". Although it may seem that a Christian Ministry should avoid such things, we have calculated the potential impact to reach the audience to which such things would appeal, and decided to develop a new web site called Assholes Among Us - dot - com – The URL is On that site, you will find hilarious, scathing articles on the world's top assholes. You will hear music, and see photographs that convey the message that may very well bring the terrorists and other politicians to their knees. If you've studied the French REvolution, you know that laughter – a joke about Robespierre – finally ended his reign and landed him at the guillotine. There are a few people whose heads we'd like to chop off, but we'll stick to laughing them to scorn, instead. If the site gets as many hits as we anticipate, well.... I might just do another book (Lord, help me!).

Attempts to censor this Web site ultimately foiled!

        Neo-Fascist, New-World Order Nazi bastards, and their willing and unwilling accomplices in government tried to shut down this Web site (they were successful for a while) because of an interview I did, and posted here (it is STILL here, and now it is "mirrored" everywhere. You can read the story of censorship, because next, it will be YOUR web site, or YOUR book they try to keep the public from reading.

Lizzie West & White Buffalo a HUGE HIT at VQLAN meeting

        Lizzie West and White Buffalo performed their song "19 Miles to Baghdad" at the VQLAN meeting on November 5, 2005 to a standing, hooting ovation. We are posting a Podcast with Lizzie West, and providing reciprocal links to each other's web sites. See the Podcast Section for the latest Podcasts and available audio and video files.

        The following is the text of a letter sent to Lizzie West from Net4TruthUSA and VQLAN:

                                                                                                                                            WebPastor David Todeschini
                                                                                                                                             Veterans Quality of Life Access Network
                                                                                                                                             Barry Campbell, CEO

                                                                                                                                             November 10, 2005

Via eMail to: Lizzie West, Laura, & White Buffalo

                        Dear Lizzie & Company; 

                        We want to extend our heartfelt thank you for taking the time out of your (no doubt) hectic schedule to perform at our meeting. Although the acoustical equipment was lacking, your performance of "19 Miles To Baghdad" could not be diminished... it was AWESOME, and there wasn't a dry eye or an unmoved spirit in the house. You need to know that military people – especially those that served in a war zone – are very good at hiding their emotions – I know; I'm one of them, and I did it good enough to keep the emotions hidden for almost 30 years. Barry has seen much more of it than I have, but a vet can tell when a fellow vet cries inside. 

                        It is rare these days to find someone who truly understands the issues at hand, and rarer still, to find someone who can express it so eloquently and beautifully. The song is reminiscent of the music of the ‘60s and ‘70s that brought us the end of the quagmire in Vietnam after ten long years. Most people cannot intellectually process all the complexities of international affairs, but most can identify with the emotions… that is why I wrote "Land of Childhood’s Fears" … it approaches the Vietnam War from an emotional perspective. For the most part, I could have used a word processor to replace all the occurrences of the word "Vietnam" in that book with "Iraq", and it would be an accurate portrayal of what is happening right now. Humanity has never learned to avoid the repetition of history, and I gave a talk after you left, based on my sermon titled "Another Night With The Frogs". I invoked the parallel of the Pharaoh of Egypt’s response to Moses when Moses asked, "…When shall I entreat for thee, and for thy servants, and for thy people, to destroy the frogs from thee and thy houses, that they may remain in the river only?" – And in the midst of ribbeting and continuous croaking; the unbearable stink of billions of frogs – dead ones, live ones, frog poop, and barfed-up stomachs, Pharaoh’s response was truly remarkable: 

"And he [Pharaoh] said, To Morrow..." (verse 10a) 

            Pharaoh said, "tomorrow". Tomorrow! One would think that a sane man in Pharaoh’s place would have replied, "Right NOW!", "Immediately, Moses", "Today! – I can't stand it anymore!". But no. Pharaoh said, "Tomorrow". He must have wanted just one more night with the frogs. He wanted to be right at all costs. He refused to repent and admit that he was wrong, and to "prove" he was right, and to assert his position as the "god" of his people, he was willing to endure (and let his people endure) the plague of consequences.        – Exodus 8:8, 9

            "And so it is with the war in Iraq", I told the audience – with a few expletives thrown in for effect. We’ve been saying "tomorrow" for 15 years… and it’s time to get rid of the "frogs".

            We thank you for your time, your effort, your compassion, your generosity, and your talent. This was totally unexpected and unplanned, and we look forward to "working" with you again. I put "working" in quotes because although it required a lot of last-minute scrambling to make it happen, and there was shortcomings with the PA system and the equipment at our disposal, what happened last Saturday transcended all of that, and perhaps made it even more of a significant event than if it were "professionally" choreographed and produced; it was REAL, and that’s what we’re all about. 

            God Bless and Godspeed to each of you. Truly,

            Something good has begun.    

David Todeschini            Net4TruthUSA
Barry Campbell            Veteran’s Quality of Life Access Network    

Miracles every day

I met Lizzie West on the #6 Train on 10-27-05. She saw my "Vietnam Veteran" baseball hat, and my "PULL OUT NOW" Green Party button, and introduced herself. God moves in mysterious ways. God Bless you, Lizzy; your music has touched me deeply.I was riding the #6 Train from the Wall Street area to the SIBL Library on 34th and Madison on Thursday Oct. 27, when I met two wonderful young ladies, one of whom was Lizzie West. We exchanged information, and her song "19 Miles to Baghdad" is playing as background on this page, and is featured on the front page of this web site. Please go to her site and check it out. The Lord moves in mysterious ways – far surpassing our understanding. [Move your mouse over the photo for the story of how I met her, click on her photo to see video performance of her song "19 Miles to Baghdad"] Go to our Podcast Section and download exclusive interviews with this rising star. – Absolutely moving music from my good friend Lizzie West

WebPastor Dave's Poetry on International War Veterans Poetry Archives

The compelling poetry in "land of Childhood's Fears" has been posted for all to see.
Read poems from the book on this site (the book is NOT a book of poetry). 
Get Free PDF copy all poems on this site

WebPastor Dave Guest Speaker at VQLAN Meeting

David Todeschini was a guest speaker at the general meeting of VQLAN on Saturday September 17th, 2005. Topics were the war in Iraq, and his book on Vietnam. Pastor Dave made a big hit with the audience of about 200 Veterans and their families.

To all VVAW members and supporters

From: Bill Perry, VVAW National Coordinator, from Philadelphia will head up the VVAW contingent in the Washington, DC march September 24.

Here is how to find him at the march:

Veterans and military families will head up the march. You should go to Lafayette Park across from the White House between 15th and 17th Streets, between Pennsylvania Ave and I ("eye" Street).

Bill will be with the other veterans right in front of the stage.  Look for his VVAW banner. You should come at 10 AM, an hour before the speeches start. If you wait until later, the crowd will be so packed that you won't be able to get to the front of the stage to meet the VVAW people.

Ray Parrish, the VVAW Military Counselor will also be there with a second VVAW banner. He will be looking for people to help carry the banner.

National Office
Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc.
PO Box 408594
Chicago, IL 60640 (773) 276-4189

Fighting for veterans, peace and justice since 1967

                  Go to

vvawinc mailing list

"A Book of Sermons – Volume 1"

    WebPastor David Todeschini has assembled his 'Net Sermons all under one beautiful cover. Designed for use by preachers, this book is 8.5 x 11" with large type for easy reading. Space for notes is provided for your own insight into the Word of God.

"Land of Childhood's Fears" on

        Friday June 17, 2005 – David Todeschini's highly-acclaimed 512-page book on the Vietnam War is now listed on You can save some money and buy directly from the publisher by going to

Michael Jackson Acquitted!!

        Many of his fans were praying for him, and some believed that Michael Jackson was guilty. Despite some people's beliefs, the jury has spoken, and the Gloved One walks out of the Kangaroo Court a free man. Read my article on the Michael Jackson Witch-Hunt.

"Land of Childhood's Fears"

        "Land of Childhood's Fears" WebPastor David Todeschini's highly acclaimed 506 page book on the Vietnam War is hot off the press. The book will be in Barnes & Noble very soon, and is now available directly from the publisher. Click here to go to the description on this web site, and follow the links from there to buy the book at publisher's discount. Autographed copies are also available directly from the author. This book was a BIG HIT with veterans in New York, especially the poem "Reflections" which you can view here, or download a FREE PDF copy from the author's bookstore web site.

"Jesus – Christian Agnostic"

        "Jesus – Christian Agnostic" This incredible 102-page book by my good friend George Geiger, will make you think seriously about your relationship with God. When I read it, it reminded me of A.W. Tozer's "The Pursuit of God". Mr. Tozer wrote his book during a 7-hour train ride, as I recall, and he didn't write it to sell it; he wrote it as a personal catharsis; to put his thoughts down on paper.... Well this book falls right into that category. George didn't write the book to sell it; he wrote it primarily as a way to collect his thoughts. He had a few copies printed up, and I guess he let the project die – that is, until he met ME. This book is so heart-warming because it touches many of the issues we all struggle with. He dares to ask the questions – do we dare to search our hearts for the answers? Every Christian should have a copy of this book.

False Allegations of Abuse / Neglect by ACS / CPS

        This is a highly emotional topic that needs to be addressed. A woman I met on Thursday 3/24/05 had alleged to me that Child Protective Services (CPS), otherwise known as Agency for Children's Services (ACS) had neglected to properly render medical treatment to her 3-1/2 year old boy named "Senator", and that (according to court papers I read into the interview), the child was taken from her and alleged to have been neglected, primarily because of the woman's boisterous assertions that her son had problems with his ears. The boy, according to the woman, was subsequently operated on, and both adenoids removed, and his hearing damaged as a result. She alleged further, that CPS in Clinton County, NY attempted to cover up the malpractice by taking her son from her, then sending her to a mental hospital where she was diagnosed as "Bipolar Disorder, Mixed Personality Disorder, and Anti-Social and possible Schitzotypeal features".

Recent Media Coverage of Net4TruthUSA

            Author of "Land ofChildhood’s Fears – Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War" – a 506 page book on War and its effects on veterans, has been interviewed by Doctor Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty, on July 2, and November 26, and 27, 2004. WebPastor Dave Todeschini has also  appeared on the program several times since (see list below) The two-hour July 2 program titled "Operation Phoenix" can be downloaded from the author's bookstore web site, or you can listen to the (1 hour) March 27, 2005 program right here.

bulletNew York Daily news interview with reporter – article to appear in the paper shortly.
bulletRadio Liberty – July 2, 2002
bulletRadio Liberty – November 26, 2004
bulletRadio Liberty – March 2, 2005
bulletRadio Liberty – March 4, 2005
bulletRadio Liberty – March 17, 2005
bulletRadio Liberty – March 27, 2005

Press Releases

These are the major events that happened, and press releases we've issued over the last year.

bulletJuly 2, 2004          -- Author David Todeschini interviewed on Radio Liberty
bulletMarch 20, 2005     -- Land of Childhood's Fears – a new book on Vietnam
bulletMarch 24, 2005     -- Interview with a woman whose child was taken by CPS / ACS
bulletJuly 30, 2005        -- WebPastor Dave finishes his book "A Book of Sermons – Volume 1"




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