40 Years Later

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40 Years Later
Gosnell Atrocities
Please Don't
Roe v. Wade

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Roe vs. Wade - 40 Years Later


I receive a periodic newsletter from a Military Organization. Among the many fine articles sent to me over the years, I felt that this particular one, on the anniversary of the American Holocaust otherwise known as Roe vs. Wade, merits permanent posting on this Web site. The text of the article is the original author's; the hyperlinks are entirely my own, and may or may not agree with the views of the author of this article. Please pass on the URL for this page to your friends.


Roe vs. Wade, Forty Years Later  
by Bob Pappas

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There has been much commentary about abortion in recent months perhaps because this year was the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision in the case of Roe vs. Wade, the case that defined a woman's right to an abortion incident to due process and privacy under the 14th Amendment. The majority decision was rendered by Justice Blackmun on January 22, 1973. Now, forty years later, it is notable that most Americans oppose abortion.

Since that date an estimated 55 million pregnancies have been terminated resulting in the death of that number of potential American citizens. Who knows who may have been born...for good or ill? Perhaps a genius equal or even superior to Einstein, or on the other hand someone who might have eclipsed the tyrants of history. That will only become known at the Judgment, the eventuality that is totally ignored in most instances. Since most abortions arise out of "inadvertent" illicit pregnancies, abortions are performed to hide the behavior; in Obama's words to the effect, to avoid "the punishment of an inadvertent pregnancy." And, no doubt there are some abortions incident to relatively small numbers or pregnancies that result from rape or incest. Arguments fly in all directions about the morality of terminating a pregnancy including the latter instances.  Meanwhile abortionists celebrated the Roe vs. Wade decision this year with a commercial in which a black male smiling, proclaims: "our special day baby."

Males who impregnate a female and thereafter agree to pay for an abortion to avoid paternity are the most contemptible of the human species. Of course married men who find themselves having "knocked up" some honey nearly always offer to pay for an abortion to avoid being found out by their wives not to mention professional associates. Eventually such marriages collapse under the weight of deception anyway, unless you are Hillary and Bill Clinton. Does anyone really care to trade places with either one of them? If so, I know a good psychiatrist you might want to contact for a mental health enema.

Most human adults and too many minors engage in sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite gender (and no, it's not better for it to be the same gender), some are married and legitimate while many are one night stands or living together outside the bonds of God ordained marriage.  All the arguments in the world do not change the fact that sexual activity is designed and intended to result in a pregnancy. Sexual intercourse is analogous to pulling a trigger on a loaded weapon...the weapon will fire and a bullet will strike somewhere. In the case of sexual intercourse, the bullet is the release of millions of spermatozoa that find their way to the ovum target, an event in which the former fertilizes the latter. Cellular reproduction begins and the growing mass of cells has DNA separate and distinct from either the male or female participants.  A discrete life indisputably begins at that moment.

The question is: "At what point does God impart a soul into the mass of cells?" Some argue "at the moment of conception," but that is doubtful when one considers the number of natural miscarriages. Here's why: if God imparts a soul at the moment of conception and since a miscarriage results in death of the fetus, then all natural miscarriages put Him in squarely in violation of His own law; "thou shalt not kill." But God cannot violate His own precepts, so, one must conclude that a fetus that dies in a natural miscarriage is not yet imparted with a soul. At what point a soul in imparted  is imponderable; no human knows and to suggest otherwise one assumes the mantle of God. The fact is, a fetus dies in a miscarriage whether natural or induced. The distinction is that one is of God and the other of humanity and to my knowledge God has not yet granted authority for humans to abort despite the arrogance of the Supreme Court in its Roe vs. Wade decision and those who celebrate it.

God's intention is for people to engage sexual intercourse for the purpose of procreation within the bonds of marriage, despite what Bill Clinton or Hollywood advocate by their actions. Liberals argue that since "it's" going to happen and if so, as Obama suggests, "he would not want one of his daughters to be punished with an inadvertent pregnancy." Obama calls himself a Christian and in his so called, "Christian" worldview it is okay and lawful to withhold life-support from any child that miraculously managed to survive an abortion. That's Christian? As previously noted, there will be a Judgment and whereas God will no doubt bestow abundant mercy and grace that grows out of His love for the penitent,  impenitent political, religious and other hypocrites explanations' will fall on His Ears of Justice.

Sex is a powerful force, just look around; but then consider the fact that despite its force humans ability to reason and exercise self control is not suspended.  Therefore, the evident solution to an unwanted pregnancy and abortion would be to not put oneself in temptation's way in the first place. Today, every worldly force advocates promiscuity as normal and expected, so most succumb. To succumb however suggests that there resides in one or both parties some element of conscience that urges restraint. But restraint flies in the face of everything that Hollywood, most colleges and universities, and the media advocate. Their liberal mantra since the 1960s is: "If it feels good, do it" and there is abundant evidence that they are "doing it."

As an observer of human behavior one is aware of much handwringing over the abysmal state of the nation: sexual promiscuity, rape, abortion, murder, violence, drug and alcohol abuse that are at epic proportions, and immorality, that is: lying, cheating, and white collar crime and etc. in the larger context is rampant.  Most problems are traceable to political, social and religious liberalism without regard to political party although it is evident that Democrats cloaked in their secular vestments of human rights account for most of it, claiming that diversity and tolerance are inherently righteous.

Hugh Heffner popularized the notion that sexual behavior between consenting adults is acceptable, and whereas it may be acceptable to Heffner and millions of others, that does not make it right.  Furthermore, it is not legal or moral for married people to commit adultery or for unmarried people to fornicate. Old fashioned?  The notion is certainly not original with me, but logic and reason compel a serious national re-examination of its merits. 

Semper Fidelis and Peace
Bob Pappas
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