Sigmund Freud

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Crapper Psychology
Sigmund Freud

God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabe
aka: "Merchants of Chaos"


 If you've been around this Web site, no doubt you've encountered this term several times. I have had a few eMails asking me "what do you mean by that?", and so I've decided to write a little schpiel on how this term came about, and what it means.

Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabe" is a phrase I coined in 2001 to describe incompetent people in the "social" and "psychological" fields. (see footnote 24 on the book review for "The Sexual Paraphilias"). It is a derogatory term, carrying the utmost contempt and loathing for these people who believe that they have all the answers for the improvement of the "human condition", and anything that is "wrong with Man" can be cured with the proper application of psychology, psychiatry and / or the administration of psychotropic drugs especially to children to "treat" the totally bogus condition of "Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder".

The late L. Ron Hubbard called these people "The Merchants of Chaos", since everything they touch becomes irresolvable, and any "mental condition" they "treat" becomes (or is) intractable. They profit (or make a living) at the expense of making people miserable, or literally driving them insane. The typical Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabe is an aberrated person, full of internal conflicts and outward contradictions, who is usually employed by some government agency, and / or is a self-proclaimed "expert" in one of the "mental health" fields. He or she, bearing various and sundry Ph.Ds can also be found acting as Amicus Curiae in the court system, helping the guilty go free and the innocent to be convicted. I submit to you that psychiatry and psychology being the "egg", and mental illness being the "chicken", that surely, the egg preceded the chicken.

Everything that these people touch ends in disaster. The lot of them put together has not "cured" a single person of the hundreds of mental "disorders" found in their "bible" the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

A quote from the above-linked page reads:

"Mental Health Professionals use this manual when working with patients in order to better understand their illness and potential treatment and to help 3rd party payers (e.g., insurance) understand the needs of the patient." (emphasis mine)

In other words, the DSM functions as written corroboration within the "profession" in order to have credibility when submitting claims to insurance companies to pay their outrageous fees for accomplishing absolutely nothing. You can read about one case where I, as an undercover informant, busted a group of these psychobabble-bullshit artists for Medicaid Fraud. (click here to read)

The American people have been BRAINWASHED by the mainstream media, and only the TRUTH will un-do the damage; indeed, if it can be un-done at this stage of the game.

Nobody "in their right mind" would go to a "shrink", and since there were so many "shrinks" out there who had very few clients, somewhere along the line these people infiltrated the court system with their Ph.Ds and feigned "expertise", and have muddled the Justice System with a lot of psycho-babble-bullshit that if it were visible to the naked eye, you would need a wet-suit and an Aqua Lung to walk into a courtroom. The ONLY way people go to "shrinks" these days is if a court compels them to do so under penalty of jail or prison, or as a condition of their parole. In another case I was involved with, a Registered Nurse from the Canandaigua (VISN-2) New York Veteran's Administration was playing Psychiatrist in a New York State prison. This had been going on for some time until it was exposed by inmate participants, and investigated by the VA Inspector General.  (click here to read the report and my analysis).

Perhaps the most heinous and egregious of all the crimes and Civil Rights violations "under color of law" committed by these people is the destruction of families by "Child Protection Services" which operate with absolute impunity under the Official Immunity doctrine. These self-styled crusaders routinely file false charges of abuse and neglect against parents in order to remove a child (or children) from a family, and in many cases, the child is placed in a "foster home", and the parents never see that child again. Statistics show that a child is SEVEN TIMES more likely to be abused in foster care (see videos here) than in their proper family environment. I was personally involved with exposing two such cases (case #1) (case #2), so you see, I have made many enemies by exposing these people. By their corruption they made me a "jailhouse lawyer" and I intend to use that knowledge to frustrate them at every turn and to have the criminal and civil immunities that protect them ripped out from under them by whatever means necessary.


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Crapper Psychology Sigmund Freud


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