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Use of Thermate explains the
"Underground Fires"

© Copyright 2007 – David Todeschini – all rights reserved


ARCHITECTS and Engineers FOR 9-11 TRUTH
The WTC and building 7 (which fell at 5:45PM on 9-11-01) were brought down by controlled demolitions. View the empirical evidence and read the opinion of architectural experts.,,,, and 





      We all remember 9-11-2001. You will recall that in the aftermath of the collapse of the towers, there were (what was alleged to be) underground fires burning for over three months. These "fires" made it extremely uncomfortable for rescue workers digging through the rubble, and several cadaver dogs burned their paws on the searing heat (indeed, many of these animals have died due to the toxic fumes and particles they inhaled). The media coverage of this phenomenon had led many of us to believe by implication (I don't recall that it was ever stated explicitly) that these so-called "underground fires" were caused by the "jet fuel" that spilled into the towers from the fuel tanks of the airplanes that hit the towers. There are two problems with this assumption, and that is: a) that the "jet fuel" (which is really a pure form of household kerosene) burned off long before the towers collapsed, and b) the fact that fires burning jet fuel underground is highly unlikely because of the lack of oxygen.


    I will propose a more likely scenario.... but first, let me enlighten the reader about the construction of the CORE of the WTC buildings, which consisted of 47 very thick "box" steel columns, which would have been IMPOSSIBLE to destroy as completely as they were destroyed – without cutting these support structures with professional demolition charges. That said, it is IMPOSSIBLE for jet fuel to have done what is alleged it has done. George Bush made a Freudian slip and admitted explosives were used to bring down the towers.


           The core of the World Trade Center buildings consisted of a robust core of forty seven (47) 4-inch thick "box" columns embedded several hundred feet into the bedrock BELOW the seven (7) story basement foundation. Each of these columns were arranged so that they supported both the internal and external structure. The outside column supports were tied to the core with radial I-beam supports to which were welded hundreds of tons of rebar (steel reinforcing rods) and corrugated steel floor pans into which the floor concrete was poured. The core supported the elevator structure, and provided conduits for utilities (gas, water, electricity, phone lines, sewer lines, etc.).


         The media-propagated theory is known as "the pancake theory", in which fire weakens the structural steel, causing (a) floor to rip itself from its moorings. Each floor then collapses onto the floor below it causing a "domino effect" in which the entire tower collapses. There are TWO main things wrong with such a preposterous allegation: a) The heat of the jet fuel fires was insufficient to weaken the steel (people were walking around on the floors where the fires were), and the fires had substantially subsided by the time the towers collapsed, and b) In order for the floors to rip themselves free from either the central columns or the core columns, either or both supporting columns would have had to remain in place to provide a resistance for the shearing forces to act against.


           For this reason mainly, I find the "official" collapse explanation to be NOT a matter of misinformation born in ignorance or stupidity, but a deliberate LIE told to an ignorant and gullible public who for the most part, believe anything they see on the TV News as if it were told to Moses on the mountain.


          It is curious that with the popularity of such TV shows such as CSI, Forensic Files, et al., that people would not demand such an investigation of the most egregious crime ever perpetrated on these shores. It is curious that IMMEDIATE OUTRAGE was not evident when the crime scene was immediately cleaned up, and the evidence (steel girders) – a forensic examination of which would support the "official" theory if it was true – was removed under military security and sent to overseas steel foundries as "scrap metal".


          It is not at all unreasonable in light of the Northwoods Document to allege that the mentality of people who were capable of even thinking up such a plan (to murder Americans and blame it on Cuba) in March of 1963 would be capable of planning the False Flag Operation of September 11, 2001 when there was so much more to be gained – IF they could get away with it.... and so far (as of May 2007), they HAVE gotten away with it.


          Motivations and globalist or satanic agendas notwithstanding, there is ample evidence to open a prima facie case of TREASON against high-level government officials – up to and including George W. Bush. Indeed, if such a crime were committed by "ordinary" citizens, those people would long-since have been arrested, convicted, and spending 23 hours a day in an 8 x 10 cell with a guy named "Bubba".


          The case for "controlled demolition" is clear, scientific, and based on empirical fact that is supported by irrefutable evidence in the form of video tapes that are PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Our collection of Video Documentaries and archived (MP3) Radio Programs prove that these allegations are not at all far-fetched.


          A telltale sign that the World Trade Towers were demolished intentionally, is the fires that burned underground for over three months after the collapse. The "fires" were not caused by anything burning, but rather by thousands of pounds of molten steel that fell to the foundation as the support columns were cut by explosive charges. The following diagrams illustrate how this was done.


    The preparation for a controlled demolition requires much advance planning. If the WTC was demolished as many have alleged, then the explosives and cutting charges would have had to have been put in place in ADVANCE of the False Flag Operation. I have consulted with an ex-GI who was a demolitions expert during the Vietnam War in order to construct these diagrams from his hand-drawn illustrations.


    In order to have a building fall into its own shadow, multiple charges had to have been placed in the core structure of the building WELL in advance of the "attack". The planes hitting the buildings in this case was merely a diversionary tactic – done in order to have something OTHER than the OBVIOUS to blame the collapse on, and a scenario never before experienced in this country, so that the "average Joe" would have no prior recollection of a previous event to lend credibility for calling the "official" explanation "bogus".


     A simplified diagram shows the placement of the Thermate "cutting" charge (green lines) and the explosive (brown). The detonators for the cutting charges and the explosive are wired separately to a computer console (wires A and B respectively) which controls sequence and timing of detonations.


        The charges have to have been placed (there had to be hundreds – if not thousands of such charges) on each of the 47 box columns in several places up the total length of the towers. Since the CORE of the building constituted the majority of the support for the building, contrary to those who have argued that this could not have been done without someone becoming suspicious, I must make the following statement: I worked for IBM Wall Street for 15 years, and was often in the WTC to service multiple customers there. The CORE of the building could be easily accessed from the central elevator bank, and the service conduits which are similar in nature to the access crawlways in a prison building (see: "Escape From Alcatraz").


    The sequence of the demolition starts from the top down. Each of the sets of charges are set off in sequence. All the charges on the same floor have to be ignited simultaneously. The cutting charges on each support are ignited first. This high-temperature charge DOES NOT explode; it merely slices the support column (red) and the molten steel (pink) flows from the "cuts". This molten steel collected at the base of each tower, and there was so much of it that it held the extremely high temperature (thermal inertia) and appeared to "burn" for three months after the collapse.


    A fraction of a second after the cutting charge is ignited and the steel is LIQUEFIED, a small explosive (C-4 or Semtex) placed at the apex of the cut (left side of diagram) is detonated. This explosive DOES NOT have enough power to cut or bend the steel; its purpose is to "kick" the severed piece of I-beam or support structure away from the cut – in similar manner as a lumberjack would fell a large tree with a chain saw.


   Forty-seven (one for each support column) such small explosions must happen simultaneously on each of the floors where the explosives are placed.


    The separation of the cut section from the load-bearing column generates even more molten "slag", which could explain the molten steel seen pouring out of the side of the towers in the Video Documentaries (see photo below).



Molten steel pouring out of WTC tower shortly after plane impacted the building. Since such a short time had elapsed from the time of the impact until this phenomenon was observed, one can only conclude that since jet fuel (kerosene) can not reach combustion temperatures required to melt steel, that some other incendiary force must have been at work here. The molten steel from Thermate "cutting" charges flowing across the concrete floor from the core of the building would adequately explain how molten steel could be observed flowing out the side of the building. The FACT that what you see here is in fact molten steel and NOT kerosene (jet fuel) on fire is the FACT that LIQUID KEROSENE DOES NOT BURN unless it is SPRAYED or WICKED into an absorbent material such as a cotton wick. This is why kerosene (not GASOLINE) is used in home space heaters. 


        After the wedge-shaped section is blown clear of the support column (or I-Beam) there is no support for the structure above, and the building (floor) begins to fall. A fraction of a second later, and BEFORE the ceiling of the floor above impacts the floor of the floor below, this sequence of cutting and separation charges is initiated on a lower floor. In real-time, this forms the APPARENCY of a "pancake" of all the floors, but in reality, the collapse is NOT a result of the lower floors collapsing because they have to bear the weight of the collapsed floors above.


        The sequential detonation of charges removes the floor below PRIOR to the impact of the floor above, and the cumulative result is that the entire building enters a state of simultaneous free-fall, falls very quickly – with speeds approaching that of true free-fall, and properly done, will fall into its own "shadow" or "footprint" – as was the case with ALL THREE buildings: WTC 1 & 2 and WTC Building #7.



The irrefutable evidence for a controlled demolition is my observation of the evidence that is "in plain sight" in the photo below. To my knowledge, no one else has made this observation although this photo is widely circulated on the Internet.

            The photos above are ABSOLUTE PROOF that Thermate was used to cut the core support columns. The rescue operations shown here are PRIOR to the cleanup. People who REFUSE to believe what their eyes tell them will no doubt argue that this support column was cut by a welder during the cleanup operation. However, a PROFESSIONAL welder who is cutting steel for scrap removal would NOT make more work for himself by cutting the steel at a perfect 45-degree angle as shown in the photo above – it is "the long-way around" to make such a cut. In addition, a cutting torch operates by heat AND pressure of the gas. If you've ever watched a welder cut an I-beam with a torch, you NEVER see melted steel dripping off the cut as you do in this photo – a cutting torch ejects the metal away from the flame and thereby cuts a "slot" in the metal. Note that the 45-degree angle cut on this box column is completely consistent with the demolition sequence described above, and the presence of molten steel "slag" on the edges on the OUTSIDE of the box-beam is IMPOSSIBLE to do with a cutting torch unless you were cutting it from the INSIDE. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the steel dripping along the edges of this beam was cut with high-temperature cutting charges such as Thermate or Thermite as is consistent with standard operating practice of professional demolition teams. Since these charges would have taken a considerable time to plan, and WEEKS – if not MONTHS – to put in place, is IRREFUTABLE PROOF that the World Trade Center was INTENTIONALLY DEMOLISHED, there was PREMEDITATION and COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, and the planes that hit the towers were a DIVERSIONARY TACTIC as alleged.

           Use of explosives on steel causes an effect known to metallurgists as "twinning" – and is easily detectable with a laboratory test. Unfortunately, these tests can never be done (unless someone has a piece of steel from the towers – or a bit of the "slag") because all the steel was hauled away to Asia to be recycled into – whatever. This removal of forensic evidence from WTC was said to have been done to clear the way for rescue operations, but forensics were NEVER done on the WTC steel. In legal circles, removing evidence from a crime scene is called "obstruction of justice" and is, in itself a felony. Whatever excuse was used to remove steel from the WTC site, there were no casualties in WTC-7, which had been evacuated that morning. Why did the insurance companies that paid Mr. Silverstein BILLIONS of dollars, not DEMAND that a forensic investigation of the crime scene be done. For that matter, what the HELL happened with the NYS Attorney General, the Arson Ispector, and the Manhattan District Attorney? I'll tell you what I think – I think they were all either paid off by the CIA "Men-In-Black" – or threatened with death – Shades of Operation Phoenix.

             The implications of this are unimaginable; that complicity if not complete culpability for the MURDER of THOUSANDS of people rests NOT with Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, or Saddam Hussein, but with officials within our own government who HAD to have the tacit consent of WTC Security and Mr. Larry Silverstein who profited in the BILLIONS on insurance money collected for the "attacks". The fact that the insurance company did not act to stop the removal of forensic evidence from the crime scene, and paid Mr. Silverstein after a feigned court battle over whether there were one or two "attacks", is a STINK that has failed to get the "nose" of even the New York State Attorney General – or the Manhattan District Attorney who has jurisdiction over crimes committed in New York City. All I can say is that they are ALL corrupt, and the LOT of them should be ARRESTED and INTERROGATED. Anyone found lying or withholding evidence should be held under the USA Patriot Act (a fitting bit of irony for them), charged with TREASON and 3,000 (or so) counts of CAPITAL MURDER. If they are found guilty, they should be PUBLICLY EXECUTED in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).



cf: W.T.C. to the Parque Central Fire – Caracas (Oct 18, 2004)

source: National Fire Protection Association


  •  Building is 56 stories tall.

  •  Fire burned out of control for 17 hours.

  •  Top 20 floors destroyed.

  •  Most intense fire on floors 34 – 38.

  •  Worst damage floor 35 (leaving 19 stories as a 'pile-driver' above).

  •  No functioning fire sprinkler system in the building.

  •  It was also feared that the steel structure may be damaged severely enough to collapse... But it didn't.


Watch These YouTube Videos











If you have any proprietary information that is NOT public knowledge, or a piece of steel (or steel slag) from the WTC buildings, please contact the Webmaster of this site. Your identity will be kept SECRET – if that is what you desire – and the information will be posted prominently on this Web site. The 9-11 attacks were the most heinous crimes ever committed in this country. If you KNOW something, SAY something. To do otherwise makes you (legally and morally) an accomplice after the fact.


"And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall". – Isaiah 30:25 – KJV

End of Op-ed piece





The following is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (see: original Wikipedia article)
It is included here for archival purposes because this information is vital to validating the above allegations.



A thermite reaction is a type of aluminothermic reaction in which aluminium metal is oxidized by the oxide of another metal, most commonly iron oxide. The name thermite is also used to refer to a mixture of two such chemicals. The products are aluminium oxide, free elemental iron, and a large amount of heat. The reactants are commonly powdered and mixed with a binder to keep the material solid and prevent separation. The reaction is used for thermite welding, often used to join rails.

A thermite mixture using Iron Oxide



Thermite was discovered in 1893 and patented in 1895 by German chemist Dr. Hans Goldschmidt. Consequently, the reaction is sometimes called the "Goldschmidt reaction" or "Goldschmidt process". Dr. Goldschmidt was originally interested in producing very pure metals by avoiding the use of carbon in smelting, but he soon realized the value in welding. The first commercial application was the welding of tram tracks in Essen, in 1899. Degussa, a corporate descendant of Goldschmidt's firm, is still today one of the world's largest producers of welding thermite.



Black or blue iron oxide (Fe3O4), produced by oxidizing iron in an oxygen-rich environment under high heat, is the most commonly used thermite oxidizing agent because it is inexpensive and easily produced. Red iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3, commonly known as rust) can also be used. Other oxides are occasionally used, such as in manganese thermite and chromium thermite, but only for highly specialized purposes. Both examples use aluminum as the reactive metal.

A thermite reaction taking place on a cast iron skillet.


In principle, any reactive metal could be used instead of aluminum. This is rarely done, however, because the properties of aluminum are ideal for this reaction. It is by far the cheapest of the highly reactive metals; it also forms a passivation layer making it safer to handle than many other reactive metals. The melting and boiling points of aluminum also make it ideal for thermite reactions. Its relatively low melting point (660°C, 1221°F) means that it is easy to melt the metal, so that the reaction can occur mainly in the liquid phase and thus proceeds fairly quickly. At the same time, its high boiling point (2519°C, 4566°F) enables the reaction to reach very high temperatures, since several processes tend to limit the maximum temperature to just below the boiling point. Such a high boiling point is common among transition metals (e.g. iron and copper boil at 2887 °C and 2582 °C respectively), but is especially unusual among the highly reactive metals (cf. magnesium and sodium which boil at 1090 °C and 883 °C respectively).


Although the reactants are stable at room temperature, they burn with an extremely intense exothermic reaction when they are heated to ignition temperature. The products emerge as liquids due to the high temperatures reached (up to 2500 °C (4500 °F) with iron(III) oxide) — although the actual temperature reached depends on how quickly heat can escape to the surrounding environment. Thermite contains its own supply of oxygen and does not require any external source of air. Consequently, it cannot be smothered and may ignite in any environment, given sufficient initial heat. It will burn well while wet and cannot be extinguished with water. Small amounts of water will boil before reaching the reaction. If thermite is ignited underwater, the molten iron produced will extract oxygen from water and generate hydrogen gas in a single-replacement reaction. This gas may, in turn, burn by combining with oxygen in the air.



Conventional thermite reactions require very high temperatures for initiation. These cannot be reached with conventional black-powder fuses, nitrocellulose rods, detonators, or other common igniting substances. Even when the thermite is hot enough to glow bright red, it will not ignite as it must be at or near white-hot to initiate the reaction. It is possible to start the reaction using a propane torch if done correctly, but this should never be attempted for safety reasons. The torch can preheat the entire pile of thermite which will make it explode instead of burning slowly when it finally reaches ignition temperature.


Often, strips of magnesium metal are used as fuses. Magnesium burns at approximately the temperature at which thermite reacts, around 2500 K (4000 °F or 2204.44 °C). However, this method is notoriously unreliable: Magnesium itself is difficult to ignite, and in windy or wet conditions the strip may be extinguished. Also, magnesium strips do not contain their own source of oxygen so combustion cannot occur unless the magnesium strips are exposed to air. A significant danger of magnesium ignition is the fact that the metal is an excellent conductor of heat; heating one end of the ribbon may cause the other end to transfer enough heat to the thermite to cause premature ignition. Despite these issues, magnesium ignition remains popular amongst amateur thermite users, mainly because of its abundance and the fact that it can be easily obtained.


The reaction between potassium permanganate and glycerin is used as an alternative to the magnesium method. When these two substances mix, a spontaneous reaction will begin, slowly increasing the temperature of the mixture until flames are produced. The heat released by the oxidation of glycerin is sufficient to initiate a thermite reaction. However, this method can also be unreliable and the delay between mixing and ignition can vary greatly due to factors such as particle size and ambient temperature.


Apart from magnesium ignition, some amateurs also choose to use sparklers to ignite the thermite mixture. These reach the necessary temperatures and provide a sufficient amount of time before the burning point reaches the sample. However, not all sparklers work. Sparklers used for the ignition of thermite must contain a mixture of aluminum and an iron oxide themselves. This ensures that the reaction from the sparkler produces enough heat to ignite the thermite mixture.

A stoichiometric mixture of finely powdered Fe(III) oxide and aluminum may be ignited using ordinary red-tipped book matches by partially embedding one match head in the mixture, and igniting that match head with another match, preferably held with tongs in gloves to prevent flash burns.



Thermite usage is hazardous due to the extremely high temperatures produced and the fact that it is almost impossible to smother once initiated. Appropriate precautions must be taken before igniting thermite. Thermite should not be used near flammable materials because small streams of molten iron released in the reaction can travel considerable distances and may melt through metal containers, igniting their contents. Additionally, flammable metals with relatively low boiling points such as zinc, whose boiling point of 907°C (1665°F) is about 1370°C (2500°F) below the temperature at which thermite burns, should be kept away from thermite, because contact with such metals could potentially boil superheated metal violently into the air, where it could then burst into flame as it is exposed to oxygen. Thermite must be used with care in welding pipes or other items with air cavities, as thermal expansion of trapped gases may cause bursting. Generally, the ignition of thermite should be timed so any individuals in the immediate area have enough time to move away to a safe distance before it starts to burn. As with any pyrotechnic composition, thermite that is not being used in a particular task should be kept far away from the site of ignition. When handled in a responsible manner by properly trained individuals, thermite can be reasonably safe.


The thermite reaction can take place accidentally in industrial locations where abrasive grinding and cutting wheels are used with ferrous metals. Using aluminum in this situation produces an admixture of oxides which is capable of a violent explosive reaction.


Mixing water with thermite or pouring water onto burning thermite is dangerous because it can cause a phreatomagmatic explosion, spraying hot fragments in all directions.


Military uses

Thermite grenades are used as incendiary devices to quickly destroy enemy equipment. Additionally, thermite grenades are used by friendly forces to destroy their own items and equipment when there is imminent danger of them being captured. Because of the difficulty in igniting standard iron-thermite, plus the fact that it burns with practically no flame and has a small radius of action, standard thermite is rarely used on its own as an incendiary composition. It is more usually employed with other ingredients added to enhance its incendiary effects. Thermate-TH3 is a mixture of thermite and pyrotechnic additives which have been found to be superior to standard thermite for incendiary purposes. Its composition by weight is generally 68.7% thermite, 29.0% barium nitrate, 2.0% sulfur and 0.3% binder. Addition of barium nitrate to thermite increases its thermal effect, creates flame in burning and significantly reduces the ignition temperature. Although the primary purpose of Thermate-TH3 is as an incendiary, it will also weld metal surfaces together.


A classic military use for thermite is disabling artillery pieces and it has been used for this purpose since the Second World War. Thermite can permanently disable artillery pieces without the use of explosive charges and therefore can be used with a reasonable amount of stealth. There are several ways to do this. By far the most destructive method is to weld the weapon shut by inserting one or more armed thermite grenades into the breech and then quickly closing it. This makes the weapon impossible to load. An alternative method is to insert an armed thermite grenade down the muzzle of the artillery piece, fouling the barrel. This makes the piece very dangerous to fire. Yet another method is to use thermite to weld the traversing and elevation mechanism of the weapon, making it impossible to aim properly. Thermite was also used in German incendiary bombs during the Blitz.


Civilian uses

The violent effects of thermite demonstrated in the Utah desert

Thermite reaction proceeding for a railway welding. Shortly after this, the liquid iron flows into the mold around the rail gap.


Thermite reactions have many uses. Thermite was originally used for repair welding in-place thick steel sections such as locomotive axle-frames where the repair can take place without removing the part from its installed location. It can also be used for quickly cutting or welding steel such as rail tracks, without requiring complex or heavy equipment.


A thermite reaction, when used to purify the ores of some metals, is called the Thermite process. An adaptation of the reaction, used to obtain pure uranium, was developed as part of the Manhattan Project at Ames Laboratory under the direction of Frank Spedding. It is sometimes called the Ames process.


When thermite is made using iron (III) oxide, for maximum efficiency it should contain, by mass, 25.3% aluminum and 74.7% iron oxide. (This mixture is sold under the brand name Thermite as a heat source for welding.) The complete formula for the reaction using iron (III) oxide is as follows:


ΔH = -851.5 kJ/mol


When thermite is made using iron (II,III) oxide, for maximum efficiency it should contain, by mass, 23.7% aluminium and 76.3% iron oxide. The formula for the reaction using iron (II,III) oxide:


ΔH = -3347.6 kJ/mol


While the reaction using Fe3O4 produces a substantially larger amount of energy pr. mol, the reaction using Fe2O3, produces more energy pr. gram of thermite mixture.



  •  L. L. Wang, Z. A. Munir and Y. M. Maximov, (1993). "Thermite reactions: their utilization in the synthesis and processing of materials". Journal of Materials Science 28 (14): 3693-3708. DOI:10.1007/BF00353167. 

  •  M. Beckert (2002). "Hans Goldschmidt and the aluminothermics". Schweissen und Schneiden 54 (9): 522-526. 

  •  DEGUSSA page on thermite


See also:

Wikibooks Chemical synthesis has a page on the topic of


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