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Was WTC hit by a "disruptor" weapon?
© Copyright 2007 – David Todeschini – conditionally released to the public domain

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                You’ve all – by now – seen[1] the video documentaries on 9-11, and an interesting observation in several of them – in particular the documentary "In Plane Site", is the fact that one[2] of the planes that hit the towers seemed to have some sort of "pod" attached to its underbelly. The narrator goes to great lengths to try to invalidate the apparent photographic evidence, but the "pod" can be seen from several angles in videos taken by several people, and a flash or spark that appeared between the nose of the plane and the tower could also clearly be seen on separate videos – and on closer scrutiny by experts, the "flash" or "spark" seems to defy the explanation that it was caused by a reflection of light, or a static electricity discharge between the plane and the building. There are also serious questions about the thing – whatever it was – that hit the Pentagon, since the lack of landing gear, engines – objects that would have survived, albeit mangled, or any part of the fuselage remaining seems to indicate that it was NOT a Boeing aircraft that hit the building.


            And now to the facts about WTC 1 & 2:


            The buildings did not fall; they were demolished. Of that there could be no question in an astute observer’s mind after reviewing the videos taken of the buildings actually disintegrating before our very eyes. My contention is that even with the use of the most powerful military-grade explosives available, such a complete destruction could not be accomplished – even if some "entity" spent months planting explosives in the buildings, which would be extremely difficult to do without being observed. Such an operation would have required months of planning, and more months of work and access to the building’s core columns – something which would, in my opinion, be next to impossible to do without being observed, without raising suspicion, and without someone in that "crew" of criminals coming forward to claim fame and amnesty amid the rising awareness that 9-11 did not "go down" as the government alleges.


Of course, the allegation of the use of secret weapons to demolish the towers does not negate the possibility that whatever was use to bring the towers down was not "helped along" by conventional demolition techniques, but explosives alone do not explain the fact that there was very little "rubble"; i.e. pieces of concrete, remainders of office equipment, or anything bigger than one could hold in the palm of one’s hand – except for the twisted wreckage of the outer façade that were the subject of millions of photographs – left in the aftermath. Particularly curious was the complete lack of even one of the 47 "box" columns – each made of 4"-thick Japanese steel – left standing. These columns would have had to have been left standing in order for the attached floors to "rip away" from them as the news-media popular "pancake" theory (fantasy) proposes.


            Conventional military explosives do not pulverize concrete into dust the consistency of fine talcum powder. Thousands of TONS of reinforced (with "rebar") concrete were turned to dust in the WTC "collapse", and the top of the south tower, which tilted briefly (clearly visible in the videos), simply sank into the cloud of dust in mid-air, and seemed to disappear; to disintegrate much like a Borg would disintegrate to nothing when hit by a Klingon "disruptor" weapon on the Sci-Fi series "Star Trek". We know that these planes (all 4 of them) were NOT continuously tracked by Air Traffic Control, because their transponders were turned off, and there was ample time to pull a "switch" of the passenger aircraft with some other aircraft that resembled a commercial jet – but which carried a secret cargo. Perhaps this seems far-fetched to some of you, and if it does, I implore you to get my book "Land of Childhood’s Fears" and read the chapter titled "Rabbit Trails, Rabbit Trails". Indeed, this little article could itself be a "rabbit trail", and the modus operandi of US Government covert operations ensure that the truth – which oft-times is really stranger than any Sci-Fi imaginable – will be forever obscured… shades of the JFK assassination.

            How do we know they’re lying? Simple.[3] They refuse to show us the "proof" they allegedly have for their bullshit stories. Case in point: the Pentagon. If a Boeing aircraft really hit the Pentagon, then show us a video – from one of the hundreds of hi-definition surveillance cameras… and it would even be easy for them to do to fake one using the military equivalent of Photoshop or Dreamweaver.[4] But they won’t show s the video because it doesn’t exist, and all the private videotapes from surveillance cameras in the area were confiscated by the FBI. They won’t dare an attempt to fake one, because it would be subjected to forensic scrutiny that would catch them in a cover-up. If what the government is telling us is true, then show us the remainder of the aircraft; show us landing gear, engines…. SOMETHING. They can’t. They can’t because there are no such things to show, because what hit the Pentagon was NOT Flight 77.


We don’t see the video, we don’t see the remains of an aircraft, and in the photos that we do have, we don’t see an impact "footprint" consistent with impact by an airplane because it was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon, and if the American people knew this for a fact; proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the questions and the righteous outrage would topple this thing that has become our government in short order.


            Just because something is fantastic, does not mean that it is impossible. Keep in mind that the Atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II seemed unbelievable to Americans at first – but the irrefutable evidence was there. Who really understood the "practical" implications of E=MC2 before Hiroshima was turned to rubble? Speaking of which – even the buildings in Hiroshima at "ground zero" were not pulverized to the extent that WTC 1 & 2 were pulverized. It is apparent to me that a new Paradigm has to be adopted; for what we think we saw on 9-11, may not be what actually happened. The cover-up, the outright LIES, the affirmations in the face of logic that defy the physical sciences, the contradictory statements by George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Colon[5] Powell, et al. is proof positive that the truth has not been told.


            In the examination of any crime scene, Ocam’s Razor[6] usually leads one to the truth. However, government covert ops routinely operate in a manner that exploits conventional logic in order to conceal, obfuscate, and confuse. Multiple layers of deceit are woven in an elaborate design that is premeditated and "modeled" by a "think tank" of Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes practicing what L. Ron Hubbard called "Black Dianetics"[7]. In order to fully understand this concept, you will have to read The Russian Brainwashing Manual on Psychopolitics, The Lie Detection Handbook, and "Land of Childhood’s Fears" – preferably in that order. Based on this premise, we can construct a scenario which fits the observable facts, and decide later whether or not it is too fantastic to believe, or too "off-the-wall" to grant it further consideration. Keeping the following axioms[8] (from The Lie Detection Handbook) in mind, let us "speculate".


            "The danger with the use of circumstantial evidence is that of logical gaps; subjective,[9] inferential[10] links of low probability, or insufficient degree".[11]       People vs. Cleague 22 NY2d 363, 367, 292


            "The workability of a postulate is established by the degree to which it explains existing phenomena [which is] already known; by the degree that it predicts new phenomena which when looked for, will be found to exist, and by the degree that it does not require that phenomena which do not exist in fact, be called into existence for its explanation." [12]           Scientology Logic #19

          An alternative scenario:


Let us suppose that the criminals (and they are criminals) in the US government who allegedly (obviously) falsified Intelligence reports and planned the 9-11 attacks in order to have an excuse to go to war to be able to control oil resources in the Middle East, also had a "secret weapon" that they wanted to test. This weapon, unlike a nuclear bomb, could be targeted to a specific location, leave very little collateral damage, be undetectable with commercial equipment, and could be delivered and controlled remotely.


This "weapon", the product of decades of covert Top Secret development since the days of Hiroshima, has the ability to instantly vaporize anything within its operating range.


The coincidental development of this weapon with the attendant need to test it, coincided with the opportunity to invade sovereign countries in order to loot them for their natural resources – and coincidentally, the occupant of the White House, and his father before him, happen to be in the OIL business[13] These factors being true, was the "mother" of the 9-11 plot. With the assistance of high-level military and Intelligence operatives, and cooperation from Mr. Silverstein,[14] the plan was carried out.


Two of the four aircraft which were allegedly "hijacked" by Arab terrorists / Muslim "extremist" (fundamentalist) suicide bombers (incidentally, seven of which are still alive), were really taken off course by a little-known but very real technology called "Global Hawk".[15] These planes were diverted off course, and perhaps crashed into the ocean[16] or otherwise disposed of at an unknown location.[17] In their place were substituted top-secret military aircraft, outfitted to appear as commercial jets, and also remotely flown by the Global Hawk technology. The cargo on these two aircraft were two "disruptor" devices[18] – similar in operation to the weapons of Science Fiction in that whatever energy they operated on, was able to instantly pulverize concrete and melt steel, filling the streets of lower Manhattan with fine dust which had the consistency of talcum powder.


While explosions were heard by several witnesses who were in the buildings and escaped the collapse, a small number of demolition charges would have been necessary to ensure that the buildings fell into their own "footprint" and not topple over onto other real estate.


Conventional explosives would NOT have vaporized the buildings, and certainly, even a controlled demolition could not have anticipated and "corrected for" the tilting of the top of the south tower – even with computer control of the explosive charges. If you remember, the plane that hit the south tower did NOT hit it square-on, and as a result, the "energy" of the weapon on board the aircraft was "off-center". However, the top of the tower as it leaned over threatening to fall into the street, instead fell into the center of the "disruptor field" of the weapon below, and its mass was turned to dust before it could fall to the street.


The video of the south tower falling is particularly compelling. If you imagine a field of energy; a radius of heretofore unknown energy existing at the corner of the south tower where the "plane" impacted the tower; the falling top of the tower – along with all its steel, concrete, office furniture, heavy machinery, and human beings – fell into this energy field and failed to emerge at the bottom as steel, concrete, solid debris, and human remains. Instead, the top of the tower simply disintegrates to fine dust, and not a piece of it emerges to crash into the street.


Is it possible such a weapon exists in the US Military arsenal? Was it possible for the Atomic bomb to exist as "The Manhattan Project", shrouded in the ultimate secrecy and funded covertly by a taxpayer-supported budget nobody but those who were working on it knew about? The question implies its own answer. Perhaps what we saw on 9-11 isn’t the ultimate use for this (admittedly postulated) weapon; perhaps it has another use entirely. Perhaps what we saw was a demonstration of a device which could be made much more devastating.


I believe it to be highly unlikely that some demolition team spent what would had to have been months setting charges and wiring them together to a computer-controlled detonator – at least I don’t believe people in general are so "lost-in-the-fog" of their own little worlds that they wouldn’t have observed such activity over the length of time necessarily required to set explosives, and become suspicious. Since the more I think about it, the more I believe conventional explosives could have been planted, the time required to do it leaves me to ponder Ocam’s Razor. Although the explanation itself is simple, it requires a leap of faith to believe that some heretofore unknown type of weapon or "force" was used to bring down the WTC towers, because the complete pulverization of the concrete and practically all of the building’s contents would NOT be the expected result of a conventional demolition with explosives. Yes, the building’s fall exhibited at least TEN of the telltale signs of a "controlled demolition", and that, I believe is coincidental to the proposed operation of this "disruptor" device / weapon. It is possible that as the device was triggered, it instantly pulverized whatever was in its narrow field of range. Imagine the "force" as a field of energy radiating out horizontally from the weapon’s core in a narrow horizontal band just a few feet thick. Everything caught in that "field", or that fell into the field, would disintegrate more-or-less instantly once the device was activated. This would explain the simultaneous severing of all 47 "box" columns in the core of the building that would be required to have the buildings fall straight down. At the same time, the "force field" is also "eating away" at the floor beneath it, and thus the "device" is falling through the solid matter of the building, turning it to dust as it falls.


Concrete and steel instantly turned to dust via some "nuclear" technology that (perhaps) causes molecular bonds to disintegrate would pave the way for the top of the building to fall away (and fall into the now falling device’s "force field", and the cumulative effect of such a thing would appear to the naked eye (and to the cameras filming it) to be a "pancake" demolition, not much different from a conventional professional demolition. The use of such a device – if it indeed exists – would negate the need to plan a demolition, or the time required and the risk of discovery taken to meticulously plant the required number of cutting and "shape" charges on the I-beam columns.


If all of this speculation is true, I have not a clue what it means. I simply am postulating a scenario which fits the available evidence. Certainly, my speculation here is no more fantastic, and no more difficult to believe that 19 hijackers took over 4 planes with box-cutters, and six of the hijackers obviously survived, since they have subsequently surfaced alive and well. Perhaps the latter is due to re-incarnation or something. Tell you what – if I were a passenger aboard one of those planes and a hijacker brandished a box-cutter, when the plane landed, the prison ward hospital would have the unenviable task of surgically removing that box-cutter from his anus. How likely is this scenario? You be the judge. How much evidence would it take to convince you? If you believe the government’s "conspiracy theory" then obviously it doesn’t take much to convince you.


"In order to believe a lie, one first has to stop believing the truth; and once you stop believing the truth, it is possible that you will believe anything". – unknown


The problem with 9-11 is that there is no objective "truth" to be known. All we know is what we saw with our eyes, and although the effect was observable, the cause remains unknown, and unless the American people rise up and demand the truth be told, like the JFK assassination, we will never know the truth. We will continue to be a nation in denial, living with the belief that we are the government, when nothing could be further from the truth. The American people, living their lives vicariously through sports heroes, celebrities, and soap-operas have ended up with the government they deserve.



ARCHITECTS and Engineers FOR 9-11 TRUTH
The WTC and building 7 (which fell at 5:45PM on 9-11-01) were brought down by controlled demolitions. View the empirical evidence and read the opinion of architectural experts.,,,, and



[1] If you haven’t – you NEED to.

[2] Both planes could have had this "pod" but only the one that hit the north tower was filmed clearly enough to observe it.

[3] Their lips move.

[4] Photoshop, Dreamweaver – are the names of commercially available graphics editing software programs.

[5] (sic) – pun intended.

[6] Ocam’s Razor – the axiom that the simplest explanation for something in the absence of proof to the contrary, is usually the truth.

[7] Dianetics – a science of the mind developed in the early 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard; Black Dianetics is the obverse of this technology.

[8] Axiom – a rule or observation that is on the order of a physical science; a statement or idea that people accept as self-evidently true.

[9] Subjective – having to do only with theory or speculation.

[10] Inferential – an allegation of inference by leading the listener to draw conclusions from selected data

presented to him/her.

[11] This is quoted from the legal case cited.

[12]  "What Is Scientology?" – Id at 636 – L. Ron Hubbard ISBN# 1-57318-122-6

[13] George Bush’s Grandfather also had ties to Nazi Germany and was prosecuted for it.

[14] Mr. Silverstein of Silverstein Properties, Inc. admitted to the demolition of WTC #7 on National TV, and collected BILLIONS in insurance money with very little (feigned) resistance by the insurance company (which was probably paid off by the government not to pursue the court "battle" – which was probably a "rabbit trail").

[15] Global Hawk – the ability of the military to take control of ANY commercial aircraft by remote control – has existed since the 1960s.

[16] Along with passengers and crew.

[17] This explains part of the need to confuse Air Traffic Control with bogus RADAR images and military maneuvers that day.

[18] Located in the underbelly "pods" seen in the "In Plane Site" video.



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